Our reputation is one of our most valuable assets. Our reputation is dependent on the confidence of our customers, our partners, our employees and all other stakeholders that we conduct our affairs responsibly and transparently. Thus, we believe that to be successful in achieving our business objectives we need to ensure that all our activities and our behaviour towards our stakeholders are characterized by responsibility and high ethical standards. Responsibility is multifaceted:

Sales & marketing

We market prescription medicines to doctors and other healthcare professionals, and to those who pay for healthcare. We focus on ensuring that the appropriate information is provided to those who need it to support the safe and effective use of our medicines.

Adherence to a strict code of ethics when promoting our products to healthcare professionals is one of our top priorities. It is an important part of our commitment to patient health and safety and critical to maintaining trust in our company as a responsible business.

We adhere to the latest Code of Conduct of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) as well as local industry bodies. Everyone at C.G.Papaloisou is required to be aware of, and conduct their activities in accordance with the codes and all the laws and regulations of Cyprus.

Safety of patients

The safety of the patients using our medicines is of paramount importance to us.
One important parameter in the safe use of pharmaceuticals is the availability of the appropriate information to prescribers. We focus on providing healthcare professionals through our sales personnel, our promotional material and by direct communication with up-to-date information in a timely manner.

The continued safety monitoring of medicines after their launch is an essential part of our responsibility to patients. We have developed a modern pharmacovigilance system run by a qualified pharmacist to ensure the appropriate and timely handling of all adverse events reported by healthcare professionals and others. All employees of C.G. Papaloisou are trained in the procedures and their role in ensuring that we fulfil our part in making medicines safer.

Additionally, and in order to safeguard the quality of our products, we ensure that their transportation, storage and distribution are carried out according to the approved storage conditions for each medicine.

Our Environment

Our responsibility naturally extends to the environment.

We participate in the Green Dot collective system for reclaiming and recycling of the packaging materials of our products. We make every effort to minimize office and warehouse waste (e.g. paper products, plastic, electronic equipment etc) and forward through appropriate channels for recycling and proper disposal. We dispose of expired pharmaceutical products through specialised companies to prevent environmental pollution with harmful chemicals.

Our offices and warehouse were designed and built with energy efficiency as a high priority.

Our Employees

We believe that commercial success is dependent to a great extent on our employees. We aim to recruit and retain people of a high professional calibre and to be recognized as a leading employer in the pharmaceutical sector in Cyprus.

We strive to create an environment in which individuals can add value and participate in the growth and development of our company. As a responsible employer, we offer attractive rewards and benefits, career development and training opportunities.

At the same time we expect our employees to always act responsibly, to respect all laws and regulations and adhere to the industry codes of conduct.